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How Do We Work?

TPM's consultants works with our clients to examine what they're doing or seeking to do in the market to be seen, recognized, trusted, cost efficient, and reliable internally and externally.  Utilizing customized and innovative tools and a suite of global resources, we work with clients to better understand the implications of every choice they make and how it impacts both their internal team and their external customers.

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Who Do We Service?

With years of diverse industry experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business or your idea to the next level. At The People's Management (TPM), we combine our insights and skills to transform  your business into the a positive and impactful force inside and outside of the cannabis and hemp sectors.

We Service Flower Touching & Non Flower Touching:

  • Startups

  • Retailers

  • Brands

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Legacy Owners

  • Athletes, Entertainers & Creatives

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Introductory Consultation

Our initial consultation gives our prospective clients an opportunity to tell their story about who they are, why they came to be, where are they now, and where they want to be. It is also your opportunity to ask us questions and to learn about how we work. 


Our consulting services help you to make intelligent choices that also help you to have a more direct path forward whether you're operating as a sole proprietor or as a larger enterprise. Our team is prepared to be your tour guide on a journey into the future.

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